Writers & Photographers

Have you experienced a fun new place to explore in Florida?  Do you have a favorite activity such as hiking that keeps you finding new places to venture?  Do you frequent a favorite Mom and Pop diner that sports wonderful local fare?

I have a wonderful opportunity for aspiring writers, or people wanting to share some of their travels.  I have just added a new website, this one features lesser-known wonders of Florida.  So many people think of Florida as sunshine, beaches and Disney.  But there is so much more to our state and I’d like to showcase some of those places and things to do for visitors and Floridians alike.

You might write about a favorite place you frequent, or perhaps a place you ­­trekked through once.  Perhaps you found a great place on a field trip.  Pictures are greatly appreciated, too!  I can help formulate the article, if you need, or you can submit a polished piece.  Either way, you will receive an author’s byline and credit.

This is an excellent opportunity to try blog writing, hone your skills, or just share some of your experiences.  To help get your creativity in motion, I’ll be featuring some neat gifts for writers in some great contests such as “post most visited,” “post with most comments,” and “contributor of the month.”

Sound interesting?  Contact me at FloridaSplendors@gmail.com and let me know what you would like to contribute.  I’m open to a wide range of articles, but each must be family friendly, about Florida life, and please, while theme parks are great, they get enough advertising, ­­­let’s gear this toward the lesser-knowns.

Photos are always appreciated, too!  Again, proper credit will be given to you, the photographer.  Please include location and date (approximate, is fine) photos were taken.

Please see our Writer’s Guidelines for full information.